trojan whores

dawnrose collaborated with two other writers to develop a play rooted in myth but with powerful and direct relevance to the modern world. she also played Klytemnestra, produced and designed the production in both PULSE Festival (2007) at the New Wolsey Theatre and Courtyard Theatre, London (2008)

‘Dawn Rose (Klytemnestra) brings an energy that borders on dance performance but maintains a focus of intention and purpose’ Time Out

‘The entrance by Klytemnestra (played effortlessly by, and co-written by Dawn Rose) was really strong and the taut performance gave insight as to how women would behave given the chance of surviving on a desert island’ Remote Goat

the play is based on three female stereotypes: Helen, Penelope & Klytemnestra. despite historical references, it is a contemporary play which challenges perceptions of identity and power, and taking on roles we are given and changing them.

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